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What is a prefabricated floating steel staircase?

A prefabricated floating steel staircase is a modern and stylish option for any building that requires a staircase. These stairs are made of steel and are prefabricated off-site, which means they are pre-made and then brought to the building site for installation.

The term "floating" refers to the appearance of the staircase, as it appears to be unsupported, giving it a sleek and minimalist look. This is achieved by attaching the staircase to the wall using hidden stringers or supports, creating a floating effect.

What are the advantages of prefab floating steel staircase?

One of the main advantages of prefabricated floating steel staircases is their durability and strength. Steel is an extremely strong and durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and weight.

With Prestige Metal’s staircase components, prefab floating steel stairs are also highly customizable, and can be designed to fit the specific needs and preferences of the building owner or designer. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be finished with different materials such as wood or glass for added aesthetic appeal. 

Furthermore, you can customize all Prestige Metal’s staircase components with a variety of colors and finishes. Overall, prefabricated interior floating steel staircases are a practical and stylish option for any building that requires a staircase. 

Why choose Prestige Metal for your prefabricated floating steel staircase?

Being a stairs components’ designer and builder since 1997, Prestige Metal stands out by the finesse of its design and the sturdiness of its materials, such as newel posts, balusters, and steel stringers. Whether you are an architect, a home designer, a general contractor, a building contractor, or a home renovation company, you can purchase all our staircase materials from our Prestige Metal distributors in Canada and the United States and get them shipped everywhere in the United States. 

Any questions?

Please note that Prestige Metal does not install staircases. If you have any questions about our staircase components, our prices or services, we invite you to contact us by email or by phone. Our team will be happy to give you all the information you need. Order your interior staircase components online and get them shipped everywhere in Canada and the United States!