Installation of Prestige Metal balusters

The installation of balusters is governed by the Construction Code of Québec, which stipulates on a variety of safety standards that must be met — such as the maximum space between each baluster and the minimum height of the handrail.

If you are not a professional, Prestige Metal recommends using the services of a stairway specialist, who will evaluate the amount of material you need and install it in accordance to code.

Consult a stairway installation specialist

Maintenance for Prestige Metal bannisters and balusters

To take care of your balusters and bannisters and preserve their shine, Prestige Metal recommends using a dry or antistatic cloth. We do not recommend using wax or cleaning products, as these could damage the protective layer of varnish applied to some finishes. Some of the materials used by Prestige Metal to manufacture balusters handrails and other stairway accessories, such as stainless steel and crystal may need special attention to preserve all their beauty.