Stair Stringers Canada

Take a look at our selection of high quality stair stringers, made in Canada, available in multiple colors and finishes, perfect for general contractors, B2B, interior designers, and renovation business. Buy directly from the manufacturer at the best price online and get shipping and dropshipping everywhere in Canada.

If your next project is to build a staircase for a client, you have to conceptualize and think about every component of your staircase : stair railing, newel post, stair balusters, and of course, the stair stringer. The stair stringer will support your staircase’ structure and will also give it its style. Choose a metal or steel stair stringer and you can give virtually any style to your staircase : modern, contemporary, classic, romantic, etc. Since 1997, Prestige Metal stands out by always being on the lookout for new trends in the staircase design, but also for creating, manufacturing and distributing premium quality stair stringers that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers. All our stair stringers are produced with extremely high standards in our factory in Canada by our team of skilled technicians and designers.

If you are a general contractor specialized in renovation and construction, an architect, a decoration store owner, or a client working in collaboration with a renovation business, Prestige Metal offers you the possibility to create custom stair stringers for you. Choose the stair stringer model that you like the most our available models, and send us your exact measurements as well as the colors and the finish of your choice. Our team will design unique customized stair stringers for your next staircase construction project. In addition, as we are one of Canada’s top stair stringer manufacturers, we offer our clients stair stringers at wholesale prices, so that you can access to an inventory of high-end stair stringers at an affordable price.

If you lack some inspiration, we recommend that you check out our portfolio of projects to which we have contributed. Maybe you'll find the staircase of your dreams there! All our stair stringers are specifically built to fit with any type or style of staircase.

  • Straight Staircase
  • L-Shape (or quarter-turn) Staircase
  • Winder Staircase
  • U-Shape (or half-turn) Staircase
  • Spiral Staircase
  • Curved Staircase
  • Bifurcated Staircase
  • Iron Wrought Staircase
  • Glass Staircase
  • Wooden Staircase

Any questions?

If you need more information about our stair stringers, our other products and accessories, or our prices, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Our team will be pleased to welcome you and to provide you with all the information you need. Buy from the manufacturer online and get fast shipping and dropshipping everywhere in Canada. Please note that our company doesn’t offer an installation service.