Cable Railings Systems Steel Stringers

Get the best steel stringers for your steel cable railing system staircase, offered in a variety of colours & finishes and made in Canada. Get fast shipping everywhere in Canada and the United States!

Steel cable railing systems are an elegant way to complete the interior of your condo, house, or apartment. Its discreet design and unique look complement a wide range of home styles, including modern, contemporary and traditional themes. However, to create your staircase with steel cable railings, steel stair stringers are essential to ensure a durable construction and improved stability. Get steel stair stringers (central steel stringers, central steel stringers, double central steel stringers, etc.) that will perfectly match your new staircase with steel cable railings! For a contemporary-style staircase, combine your cable railing system with wooden handrails and wooden balusters!

Are you working on the design of a cable railings staircase with non-standard measurements? Rely on our team’s experience to create customized steel stair stringers for you, with your own measurements, colours and finishes! For the construction of your staircase with steel cable railings, you can also purchase construction accessories and components, such as steel cables, steel railing system connectors, steel cable, steel railing systems connectors, and much more!

Use steel stringers for your cable railing staircase and create a wide range of styles!

  • Straight stairs
  • L-Shaped stairs
  • U-Shaped stairs (switchback stairs)
  • Winder stairs
  • Circular stairs
  • Floating stairs
  • Curved stairs
  • Ladder stairs
  • Steel / Iron Wrought stairs

Being a steel stringer manufacturer for over 20 years, Prestige Metal stands out for its refined design, but also for the durability and reliability of its components and staircase materials. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, general contractor, or renovation company, you can purchase our steel stringers from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers throughout Canada and the United States.

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