The Pro Series is getting a makeover - the NT is changing for NU

Products concern : T 010, T 010V, T 010VX, H 058VX. F 05 AND F 06 will be available on the first week of March. Stay tuned for the arrival dates.


Two new models without shoes

We have added two new models. T 010VX and H 058VX without base shoe or fastening base that were missing from our Pro line of products. They are installed the same way as our ZT 010 and ZH 058 models, with the ZVT 010 and ZVH 058 plastic insert (included).


NY: Stringer

The New York is the latest addition to our collection of stringers. The most streamlined member of the family.



New Standard Assembled PTC / PTR:

To simplify the ordering process for our PTC/PTR posts, we are introducing Standard 36" assembled models with a 1 3/4" handrail. They come in 4 heights FRONT, MIDDLE, BACK OF STEP, and FLOOR in 3 models with and without 2 or 4 glass clamps, with pivotable support or capped.

For those orders, you don't need to send us drawings, we only need the product code and quantity.


New shoe for the ZH 058

Prestige Metal
  • We now have the ZH 05 cap for the ZH 058 baluster
  • Installation of ZH 058 is still the same, with ZVH 058 plastic insert


New cable system

  • ZRK 02
  • ZRK 02S



Changes to landings: 90° landings with a mechanical coupling include the two 90° structures. The name has changed to include the mention ”90°”. Given the trend for landings on a single flight, the landing includes juste one structure. For 180° landings, you will now need to order two landings.

Prestige Metal



  • The PWTB, PWTL, PWTG PWTI are discontinued, the BWI and BWG will be available until stock last..
  • All glass insertions for the GT series will be discontinued. GT 010 and GT 013.
  • Are also discontinued : T 036d and T 036D-2 / ZH 031 and ZH 032
  • Smoke acrylic insertion(AF). Prestige Metal
  • The ZH 058 37 inches. 36 and 41 1/2 will be available until stock last.
  • Cable support SCR 018 and SCR 018L.
  • The T 012N are no longer in the Express line.



From now on, 31 inches balusters will have cutting charge.



Be proud of your realisations!

Our portfolio is always expanding and we want to include your best staircase projects!


Prestige Metal

As professional stair builders using Prestige Metal products, you are invited to share your masterpieces in this section. To have a project included in Prestige Metal’s collection, email your best photos of staircases you built using our products.


The advantages

  • Gain visibility and recognition for your business.
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • The selected project may be published on the Prestige Metal website, in advertisements and on our social media accounts
  • The name of your business and a link to your website will be included under the picture every time it is used
  • Please email your high resolution photos to:
* Always obtain a e-written authorization from your client before submitting and allowing us to use your photos