Novelty on the PTC 156 SS

Note that on your next orders, the head of the PTC 156 SS (Stainless) becomes round like the painted posts.


Old corner
Prestige Metal

New corner
Prestige Metal


Old Stair/floor
Prestige Metal

New Stair/flor
Prestige Metal


This change aims to standardize the style of all the posts in terms of both height and look.

F 06 AB

For a Stainless look, the F 06 AB is now available.

Prestige Metal


Be proud of your realisations!

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Prestige Metal

As professional stair builders using Prestige Metal products, you are invited to share your masterpieces in this section. To have a project included in Prestige Metal’s collection, email your best photos of staircases you built using our products.


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