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Young, modern, and distinctive: a blend of materials, unique shapes, and eye-catching details.


Over the years, we have developed an original line of stylish colors and finishes of outstanding quality and durability.

Most of our metal products are available in all colors and finishes.

Textured Black
Metallic Carbon
Metallic Chestnut
Urban Grey
Urban Carbon
Urban Chestnut
Urban Black



Stringer width 5 1/2"
Estimated weight per step 30 lbs
Recommended step's thickness 1 5/8" to 2"
Step's width 54" maximum


  • Painted steel stringer (powder paint).
  • For other colors, contact our customer service department.
  • Available for winder treads or a landing (a mechanical coupling is required).
  • Fasteners included.
  • A reinforcement is necessary at all times. Please refer to reinforcements suggested by Prestige Metal.

General questions

Can I order balusters directly from Prestige Metal?

All of our products are available at specialty shops. You can find the list of all our distributors in the section Where to buy.

Where can I find a stair and accessories specialist in my area?

Visit the Find a distributor section or contact Prestige Metal customer service at 1 800 881-8811.

Who can help me calculate the number of balusters I need for my project?

Most specialty shops offer this service. Please contact our stairway specialist partners.

Technical questions

Are all the balusters the same diameter?

Prestige Metal offers square and round balusters in a variety of sizes (1/2’’, 9/16’’, 5/8’’ and 3/8’’). The size varies depending on the baluster model you choose.

Do the balusters come in different colors?

Most Prestige Metal balusters are available in a choice of more than 25 colors and finishes.

Are the shoes included?

Standard shoes are included in the price of most of the balusters. Ornamental and square shoes are available for some balusters for an additional cost.

What is the difference between a shoe and a finishing washer?

The shoe is used to hide the screw and is found at the base of the baluster. It is installed above the welded plate. The finishing washer is used to close the space left by holes under the staircase handrail. It is placed at the top of your baluster. It is optional, and additional charges apply.

What hole size should I drill into the bannister?

Square baluster:
1/2" baluster: 11/16’’ drill bit
9/16’’ baluster: 3/4’’ drill bit
5/8’’ baluster: 7/8’’ drill bit
3/8’’ baluster: 17/32’’ drill bit.
Round baluster:
1/2"baluster: 17/32’’ drill bit
9/16’’ baluster: 19/32’’ drill bit
5/8’’ baluster: 21/32’’ drill bit.

Can the balusters be installed outdoors?

Some balusters are suitable for outdoor installation in the NX color (exterior black). Please note that no screw caps are provided for outdoor balusters.

Didn’t find your answer?

Prestige Metal customer service will be happy to help you.
Phone: 418 872-2599
Toll-free: 1 800 881-8811
Fax: 418 872-2563
Toll-free: 1 888 334-3002

Steel stair stringers: stability and elegance guaranteed!

When building your staircase, one of the most important elements to consider is solidity. This is why steel stair stringers allow you to design your staircase in style while enjoying increased stability. We offer you an exceptional selection of steel stair stringers, available in many colors and finishes, and entirely made in Canada. Steel stringers allow you to create the style you desire, either a contemporary staircase, an urban style staircase, or a traditional style staircase with the stair balusters and newel posts of your choice. Prestige Metal has been manufacturing steel stringers for more than 20 years and gives you the opportunity to buy your stair stringers online. In addition, you can purchase them at one of our retailers and distributors located throughout Quebec, Canada, and the United States. Be assured that you can count on the collaboration of our shops and retailers for the design and installation of your steel stair stringers.

Data sheet

Prestige Metal
Colors & finishes

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By On  26 Oct. 2019 (Paris) :

With my team of workers, we needed robust, reliable, but also aesthetic materials to create a contemporary, U-shaped staircase with wooden steps and forged steel balusters. Prestige Metal's Paris central steel stringer was perfect for this project. It is sturdy, easy to install and can be adapted to any style of staircase.

High quality

By On  18 Oct. 2019 (Paris) :

I work closely with my clients to create a staircase that suits their needs. I also work with local companies to find quality materials. My architect's office found a very solid steel central staircase stringboard and steel bars for the construction of this small contemporary staircase with wooden steps and wooden railings. Thank you to Prestige Métal for its high-quality materials!

By On  19 Aug. 2019 (Paris) :

Whether for an office or a residence, the staircase remains the central element of your architecture and must also reflect the style you want to give to your environment. Thanks to the creative work of Escaliers Multi Design Inc and Prestige Metal's steel stair stringer Paris NU (Urban Black), this staircase has become the centrepiece of this decor and perfectly matches the modern and minimalist style of this residence.

The client was very happy

By On  15 Aug. 2019 (Paris) :

As a construction contractor, I like to work with materials that are durable and easy to install, but also, that are made here. For this straight staircase project, with wooden steps, stainless steel posts from Prestige Métal and glass railings, we chose a central steel stringer from Prestige Métal, a Quebec company. Not only was the result superb, but the client was very happy with his new staircase.

By On  17 July 2019 (Paris) :

The staircase remains a central architectural element and is often the first thing you see when you enter a house. This is a perfect example of a contemporary staircase, with a fusion of materials (wood, glass, steel). The base of this staircase is a Paris staircase stringboard, combined with the magnificent work of Bois Franc Rive-Sud, and glass railings and steel posts.

By On  06 July 2019 (Paris) :

When you enter a house, the staircase is often the first architectural element you notice. Therefore, it is important to make it an original piece that matches your decor. From the creative work of Escaliers Multi Design and Prestige Metal's Paris steel stringers (Urban Black), you will find a staircase combining urban and contemporary styles with a refined and unique look.

Very satisfied

By On  05 July 2019 (Paris) :

For the construction of this multi-level staircase, we had the challenge of choosing a stair stringer that was strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We also opted for easy-to-install stainless steel clamps for the glass railings. Our installation team chose a black steel stringer and steel glass clips from Prestige Métal, which manufactures all of its own staircase materials. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the result. I would recommend Prestige Métal to anyone who needs quality staircase materials.

By On  01 June 2019 (Paris) :

Whether it is for a house, apartment or condo, the staircase is a key element of your architecture, and must not only stand out by its style, but also match your decor. This staircase combines the creative expertise of Escaliers Multi Design inc. and the high-end materials (stair steel stringer Paris) of Prestige Metal. The result is a floating staircase with a unique look, that combines the modernity of steel and glass with the richness of wood, for a contemporary and classic style.

By On  31 May 2019 (Paris) :

The staircase is a central architectural element and must be both practical and original. In addition, it defines the decor that you have inside your home. By combining the creative expertise of Escaliers Multi Design with the materials of Prestige Metal, namely stair steel stringers and stainless steel glass clamps SVC MEDL Nu (Urban Black), the result is a floating staircase that perfectly blends wood, glass and steel, for a unique and modern style.

Contemporary style

By On  14 May 2019 (Paris) :

I was immediately inspired by the decor of this house. I advised the owners of a straight staircase with a central steel stringer, which would match perfectly with the mosaic stone wall, hardwood floor, and wooden steps. A black steel stringer creates a contrasting effect while harmonizing with the contemporary style of this new home. My architect's office will do business with Prestige Métal again!

Incomparable quality

By On  14 Apr. 2019 (Paris) :

It is always easier to work with quality materials, especially for staircase construction. Prestige Métal's Paris steel staircase stringer was of incomparable quality, which made the installation of this L-shaped staircase, with glass railings, quicker and easier.

A very nice result!

By On  20 Feb. 2019 (Paris) :

My construction business has to install dozens of stairs a year. Having good materials is an asset in our business, and that was the case with this project. We had steel stringers from Prestige Métal, which are not only very sturdy, but also easy to install. With such a solid base, we built a beautiful U-shaped staircase with glass railings and hardwood steps. A very nice result!

Quality materials

By On  10 Feb. 2019 (Paris) :

Since becoming a building contractor, I have been involved in many projects, including the installation of stairs in new homes. For this straight staircase, we chose a simple central steel stringer, which also perfectly suits the contemporary style requested by the client. It's always nice to work with quality materials and we have been lucky enough to work with Prestige Metal.


By On  06 March 2018 (Paris) :

For this project, the contractor advised us to opt for a simple black steel stringer, which would match the contemporary style of our house. The result is a superb half-turn staircase that has become the central element of our house. Prestige Metal's materials has met our needs perfectly.



Just screw the 2 fastening screws and that’s it!