Spiral staircase for living room Canada

Prestige Metal is proud to present its selection of premium quality, easy to install spiral staircases for your living room! Order now and get fast shipping everywhere in Canada and the USA.


A spiral staircase in your living room: a design element accessible to all budgets!

When you think of a spiral staircase, the image of stone staircases in medieval castles or in a lighthouse by the sea comes to mind. However, the spiral staircase can also be used in any room of your house to access the upper floors.

This is your chance to find the perfect balance between maximizing your living room space and enhancing your decor. A spiral staircase in your living room is a unique piece with a small footprint, doesn't require expensive renovations and is relatively easy to install. This way, you will be able to access the upper floors without compromising your decor or safety..

Prestige Metal offers a complete easy to install spiral staircase kit for your living room, made from quality materials and offered at an affordable price.


Why choose Prestige Metal for your spiral staircase?

As a spiral stairway materials’ manufacturer for over two decades, Prestige Metal stands out for the finesse of its design and the strength of its materials. Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or a home renovation company, you can purchase spiral staircase materials from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers in Canada and the United States. Please note that Prestige Metal does not build stairs.


Any questions?

If you have any questions about our spiral staircases for an attic, our prices, or our other services, we invite you to contact us by email or by phone. Our team will be happy to give you all the information you need!