What is a mono stringer ? What are the benefits of a mono stringer for your staircase? Prestige Metal answers all these questions for you!


A mono stringer: to give your staircase a sleek and modern design!

When it comes to designing a modern home or office space, every detail counts. That includes the staircase, which can be an architectural centerpiece that adds both form and function to the space. One of the most popular options for a modern staircase design is the mono stringer.


What is a mono stringer?

A mono stringer is a single, central support beam, or stringer, that runs the length of the stairs. The treads of the stairs are attached to the stringer, which can be made from steel, wood, or other materials. The result is a chic and minimalistic look that is both visually striking and structurally sound.   

What are the benefits of a mono stringer?

  • Mono stringers are sturdy and durable : If you opt for a mono stringer for your staircase, you will be assured that your treads and staircase are well-supported. Mono stringers can support heavier loads, therefore be safer for your family and you.  
  • Mono stringers are more aesthetically appealing : Mono stringers offer a clean, modern look that can easily be customized. Mono stringers can also be paired with a range of materials : wood, steel, glass and more!  
  • Mono stringers are space-saving : Because they feature a single support beam rather than multiple, bulky stringers, they take up less space and create a more open feel to the area.

How to choose your mono stringer?

If you consider an interior mono stringer for your house, apartment, office space or commercial space, there are many factors to take into consideration.

  • Your choice of design style : Mono stringers, especially steel mono stringers, tend to work better in modern and contemporary, therefore, may not be the best choice for a more traditional home, apartment or office.
  • Materials used for your staircase : The mono stringer itself is generally made of steel, but can be combined with a variety of materials, like glass, steel, metal or wood
  • Pick a skilled mono stringer manufacturer : If you wish your mono stringer staircase to be beautiful, safe and to fit with your decor, choose a skilled manufacturer and designer, like Prestige Metal. They know about the ultimate quality and how to meet all local building codes.

Why choose Prestige Metal for your mono stringer?

Manufacturer of staircase materials and components since 1997, Prestige Metal distinguishes itself by the finesse of its design and the sturdiness of its mono stringers. Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or a home renovation company, you can purchase all our staircase materials from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers in the United States and Canada. All of our stair components are made in Canada and can be delivered in Canada and the USA.


Any questions?

Please note that Prestige Metal does not install stairs. If you have any questions about our mono stringers, our prices or services, we invite you to contact us by email or by phone. Our team will be happy to give you all the information you need. Order your mono stringers online and get them shipped in the United States and Canada!