Looking for a skilled and reliable mono stringer manufacturer in Canada? We offer top-quality mono stringers for your staircase needs. Order online! Shipping in Canada.

If you have a staircase construction project in mind, you must find a staircase component manufacturer that is both experienced and competent to provide you with the best mono stringer. Created in 1997,one of Canada’s best mono stringers’ manufacturers, Prestige Metal, builds mono stringers of the best quality that you can customize with a variety of colors and finishes. All our mono stringers are made for interior staircases' projects in houses, apartments, lofts and office spaces.

All our mono stringers are made of premium-quality heavy duty steel to ensure durability, stability and versatility. With only one mono stringer acting as the main structural support for the treads, it maximizes your space while providing with a sophistically-designed stringer

Why choose Prestige Metal as a mono stringer manufacturer in Canada?

Being a staircase materials’ supplier since 1997, Prestige Metal distinguishes itself by the finesse of its design and the sturdiness of its mono stringers. Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or a home renovation company, you can purchase all our staircase materials from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers in Canada. All of our stair components are made in Canada and can be shipped everywhere in Canada.

Any questions?

Please note that Prestige Metal does not install stairs. If you have any questions about our mono stringers, our manufacturing process, our prices or services, we invite you to contact us by email or by phone. Our team will be happy to give you all the information you need. Order your mono stringers online and get them shipped everywhere in Canada and in the United States!