Straight stairs steel stringers

Discover the best steel stringers for your straight staircase, available in many colors & finishes and made in Canada. Get fast shipping anywhere in Canada and the United States!

Of all types of stairs, the straight staircase remains one of the most popular in houses, condos and apartments. It follows only one axis but above all, it is easy to design and install. It provides real comfort of use and is generally more affordable than other types of stairs. However, the construction of such a staircase requires steel stair stringers to adequately support your structure and provide it with greater stability. We offer you double central stringers, central beams, and single central stringers, perfect for the construction of your straight staircase! Also, depending on the materials you choose (wood, metal, steel, glass), you can create a straight staircase in contemporary, modern, traditional, rustic style and more!

Are you working on a staircase construction project with unusual measures or design? Prestige Metal's professional team can manufacture customized steel stringers for you, according to your measurements, colors and finishes. Add accessories and staircase components to your building materials to build a unique straight staircase: metal handrail support, solid wood newel posts, decorative stair rings, steel cable railing system and more!

Use steel stringers for your straight staircase and create a wide range of styles!

  • Wooden staircase
  • Staircase with glass railing
  • Staircase with steel cable guardrail
  • Wood and glass stairs
  • Wood and metal stairs
  • Metal and steel stairs
  • Metal and cable railings stairs

Being a staircase steel stringers manufacturer for over twenty years, Prestige Metal stands out for its high quality craftsmanship, refined aesthetics, and the durability of its staircase components and materials. Whether you are an architect, general construction contractor, renovation company, or interior designer, you can buy our steel stringers from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers throughout Canada and the United States.

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