Pros and cons of a spiral staircase

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For many of us, a spiral staircase gives an elegant and prestigious look to a home. It adds an aesthetic element that allows for additional living space, such as an attic that can accommodate a bedroom or office.

However, like any other element in your home, there are positive and negative aspects to a spiral staircase that should be considered when building one in your home.


What are the pros of a spiral staircase?

  • Perfect for small spaces:Unlike the straight or U-shaped staircase, the spiral staircase requires little space for its construction. You can install it in an apartment, a condo, a cottage or even as a second staircase in your current home.  
  • Easy to build: There are spiral staircase kits on the market that are used by construction and renovation contractors to facilitate the installation of your staircase. These kits do not compromise the structure and strength of your new spiral staircase.  
  • Allows access to more space:Without proper access, some spaces you could use may be left out, such as a large attic that could be turned into an extra bedroom. Because of its smaller footprint, a spiral staircase offers flexibility in access points and is a better alternative than a straight staircase (too bulky) or a ladder (unsafe).

What are the cons of a spiral staircase?

  • Small size : The fact that the spiral staircase takes up so little space also remains a disadvantage. The angle of the steps is inevitably steeper and can be more difficult for some people, especially the elderly. Also, you can't move bulky objects (like furniture) up and down a spiral staircase.  
  • One person at a time: Today, multi-generational housing is increasingly in demand. It can sometimes be difficult for an older person to climb stairs without the help of another person. If you are planning to welcome an aging parent into your home, building a spiral staircase is not recommended.

Why choose Prestige Metal for your spiral staircase?

As a manufacturer of spiral staircase materials for over 20 years, Prestige Metal distinguishes itself by the finesse of its design and the sturdiness of its steel stair stringers, balusters, railings and stair accessories. Whether you are an architect, a building contractor, or a home renovation company, you can purchase spiral staircase materials from our Prestige Metal distributors and retailers throughout Canada and the United States. Please note that Prestige Metal does not build stairs.


Any questions?

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