General questions

Can I order balusters directly from Prestige Metal?

All of our products are available at specialty shops. You can find the list of all our distributors in the section Where to buy.

Where can I find a stair and accessories specialist in my area?

Visit the Find a distributor section or contact Prestige Metal customer service at 1 800 881-8811.

Who can help me calculate the number of balusters I need for my project?

Most specialty shops offer this service. Please contact our stairway specialist partners.

Technical questions

Are all the balusters the same diameter?

Prestige Metal offers square and round balusters in a variety of sizes (1/2’’, 9/16’’, 5/8’’ and 3/8’’). The size varies depending on the baluster model you choose.

Do the balusters come in different colors?

Most Prestige Metal balusters are available in a choice of more than 25 colors and finishes.

Are the shoes included?

Standard shoes are included in the price of most of the balusters. Ornamental and square shoes are available for some balusters for an additional cost.

What is the difference between a shoe and a finishing washer?

The shoe is used to hide the screw and is found at the base of the baluster. It is installed above the welded plate. The finishing washer is used to close the space left by holes under the staircase handrail. It is placed at the top of your baluster. It is optional, and additional charges apply.

What hole size should I drill into the bannister?

Square baluster:
1/2" baluster: 11/16’’ drill bit
9/16’’ baluster: 3/4’’ drill bit
5/8’’ baluster: 7/8’’ drill bit
3/8’’ baluster: 17/32’’ drill bit.
Round baluster:
1/2"baluster: 17/32’’ drill bit
9/16’’ baluster: 19/32’’ drill bit
5/8’’ baluster: 21/32’’ drill bit.

Can the balusters be installed outdoors?

Some balusters are suitable for outdoor installation in the NX color (exterior black). Please note that no screw caps are provided for outdoor balusters.